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Everything is Changing **By Judith Kusel


Everything is Changing, By Judith Kusel.

I am astounded at how vast everything is changing now on all vibrational levels and indeed we need to fully conscious and present in every single present moment, and allow our heart, and our own intuitive knowing, to lead us.

In the last few weeks, I have been working intensely with the White Flame, and indeed, my next webinar, on the sacred marriage, of the Divine Male and Divine Female within, forms part of the greater teachings, now emerging, as I am downloading information.

We cannot navigate the immense shifts into the New Earth and Higher Dimensional State, if we are not connected to our souls, and the highest truths within, and more than this, the Power of Love. For unconditional love for self and others is the vital key, which unlocks all the portals of the New Earth and indeed the highest state of Christ Consciousness.

Indeed, when one is open to receiving Divine Guidance and integrate the Divine Within, you cannot do nor be other than the highest truth of your soul. You are living this with every single living, breathing moment, and indeed you BECOME this.

The greatest of all changes are coming in the next few months and will expand ever more next year and indeed these will be cosmic Tsunamis of Changes, as we are literally being lifted by floods of Cosmic Changes and Upgrading and Transfigurations, such as have never happened before, ever! I am deliberately mentioning water, because our bodies are filled with water and around the earth there is water in outer space. The Living Waters of Life indeed are conscious and indeed have recorded consciousness. This is what is awakening now in the highest degrees, within even our cells and at all atomic and subatomic and molecular levels.

If you listen to the outside world, which is indeed going to become more and more chaotic and indeed will seem inhospitable at times, you will not be able to navigate the changes. You need to go deeper within and follow your inner knowing and guidance to the TEE as you live your soul truth with integrity, claiming your own Divinity AS ONE with the Divine.

When you do this, you indeed can one see and sense THE ONE. There are in truth no divisions. You cannot live duality any longer, for indeed for you is not existing – for unity is indeed found within before it can manifest outside of yourself!

Bubble up and use your spacesuit.

We are entering Super space now and indeed the Super Soul now needs to awaken in order to navigate your spaceship, through this time. Your Spaceship is the physical and spiritual vessel your soul has assumed for this journey. The old space suit, of the old life is redundant – it could not even get you off the ground. You now need to dress in your new light-body space suit, and indeed step into the New Earth Mothership, in order to rise into the 7th dimensional state and even higher with the New Earth.

**By Judith Kusel


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