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DNA Emergency Upgrade - The Divine Plan is Now Taking Place


We have been receiving some crazy Energies the last several days, surrounding us from all sides.

We are now experiencing the full Light from the Cosmic waves. New Waves are coming in from the opposite direction of the Sun so they entered from behind the Magnetic Field. This brings in the major Upgrades during our Night Hours. Even the Schumann Resonance Expressed activity of a strange sort, showing continuous boosts, like a pulse. What is taking place is a DNA Emergency Upgrade.

Many are now falling for the "needle", which is altering the DNA, to where the spiritual connection will no longer exist. The dark is very aware of the increased Light on this planet, This is why there has been a mass push on this supposed cure for something they invented in the first place. So, The Light is reacting in a way of defense, to protect its children. We must not forget that it is a spiritual battle that is taking place, and Our Soul is the Prize. The Light Energy is seeing the darkness as a parasite or virus. and is trying to distinguish it.

The Push for the "needle" isn't a political thing. It is on both sides of the fence because darkness lies on both sides. We must remember that no one is saving us, we must wake up to the deception and make the choices for ourselves. We must raise our own frequency and we must become Kind and gentle beings, In total service to the All that is One based on Love. This is how we advance in Consciousness, by becoming Love and Light. Many Lightworkers fell for the false Light narrative that did not work, The reason it did not work was because the True Light intervened, and stopped the fake false light from taking over. I am not talking about the election issues, That also is just part of the 3D Big Show, One side of the Coin trying to beat the Other. I am talking about a full government breakdown. The fake Light or Darkness is now struggling to keep its power. This false Light is the Darkness in disguise, it was the Wolf in Sheep's clothing. Many are still continuing to follow that agenda not realizing it's just part of the big show, to distract you from your Ascension. It was all just an Act to trick Humanity into thinking there was someone going to save them and make this world a better place, and in Fact, it Jerked the Rug out from under Most, and caused depression and anxiety, and to be Targeted as extremist from now on. This all was done intentionally. This was a "Coup".

To understand what truly has happened one must see things with discretion, without taking sides to this theater that is playing out in the world today. We must remember that we are here to conquer the darkness and raise to the Light. This is a Spiritual Battle and you must be the victor over your own soul. The Ancient Battle isn't some fantasy or imaginary Game. It is very real.

We are in a very ancient war and the dark has had many thousands of years to stop our ascension from taking place.

The Dark was losing control so they came up with the "Trust" Plan, or "Trust the Plan" Agenda, Alex Jones actually was one of the first to bring this information out. The whole thing was a Dark coup to find the people who would fight against their chosen agenda. It was put in place by the Military, CIA officials, and an AI "Q"uantum computer to create a False flag event, big enough to bring in the New World Order, which has been the plan all along. We must understand that there are innocent people who were taken advantage of and Misled during this attempted total takeover. The Dark has access to many Technologies that Humanity will never see. One of these such techs is an AI quantum Computer technology, which not only was used as "Q" to create the actual posts, they also used it to connect to people in their dreams and made them think that they were being told by God his special "Plan" and even witnessing Trump in their Dreams. This also happened to me. I personally had a very strange Lucid Dream About Trump, and it connected with many others who had the same or very similar dreams.

The thing is, I am not political at all, so I saw the Dream as something different and even as an attack on my mind. At first, I was just as mystified as everyone else who was having the dreams until I realized that it wasn't Natural and was coming from something else. I Feel the Quantum Technology was set up as an experiment to sway the people and to create a false flag event. I am very aware of my dreams, I am what is called a "Precognitive Dreamer", I have experienced this my whole life. It's actually a family thing. "So this makes me more aware when outside attacks or attachments happen. " One Time I was actually attacked by a lower vibration entity that tried to mislead me, into thinking it was of the Light. So, I became much more cautious of what is within my field. Because of this, I chose to never allow entities to enter my psyche unless invited and scanned for being the Light.

In Controlling my Psyche like this, I am able to tell when I am being psychically attacked by outside forces. This is what was happening as far as the "Trump-dreams" are concerned.

You must know that I am not saying that Trump himself was involved at all, I feel he was just the tool the real deep-state and dark forces used, to deceive humanity. However, he is the one who pushed the "needles" through much faster than expected and he is the one who pushed the dark narrative of Me First or Self-Serving Agenda, which is Opposite of The Light's agenda of Abundance and goodwill for all and Service to Others. This could be because Service to Self is the agenda of the R party he chose to enter. That party hides behind the Corporations and American worker's First agenda which is Not for the ALL. It is The Rich get Richer and the Poor get poorer agenda. Not all Americans can work a Job. So, in their eyes, if you can't or don't you are lazy and don't deserve to live. Literally. This is the Corporate Money enslavement agenda within our own country. You Have to Work to survive. You become the slave of the Corporations and the Business owners with receiving only Peanuts to survive, and becoming farther indebted to them and the banks.

You must also understand that The Left side is much worst, in being that they are the agenda of Big Government Control, that being a worldwide NWO agenda takeover. Understand, Both sides are the Darkside and are against Humanity.

However you may perceive things, The Light knows the Truth, and it all will be seen, whether people wish to see it or not.

We need to be really careful as Lightworkers, we have been blindsided in these precious moments of our ascension. The Problem is there are still those pushing that same agenda and claiming it to be Fact and of the Light. When in reality they can't explain it themselves, why everything went wrong. This ancient War for our Soul has been going on for an eternity. The Dark is much more Powerful and Cunning than most realize. They can literally make you think you are listening and talking to God with this Quantum AI Technology. So even the Channelers were being deceived, and many still are. Some even separating themselves by Claiming if you weren't For Trump then you were of the Dark. They had been so misled by the technology and the Military & CIA Coup through the "Q" Movement that they Totally forgot why they are Here. This Technology is Quantum based meaning it exceeds all time and space. So, people all around the world were having dreams of Trump as being some sort of Savior, who was going to stop the Darks Agenda. But the truth is, He was just the Darks pawn, in this Game for control of Your Soul.

There really isn't another side to this. The supposed administration that is currently in Washington is Not able to carry out its agenda either. The Government as we have known it is Crumbling as we Speak.

What Happens Now?

The Light has taken Full control and The Divine Plan Takes Place. That is why we see "No One" is really in control of the United States at this moment. The Darks Agenda of Lies, deceit, and self-service is falling away, and Truth, goodwill for all, and Service to Others are replacing it. All Truth will be seen, and Justice will be served. All those who have worked against humanity intentionally will be removed by the Light. No matter what Agenda the Dark try and implement, it will work against them. Humanity is Waking Up in these moments to a higher way of Being. They are becoming Truth, Love, of Peace, full of Abundance, and wanting True Unity, not the "Unity" claimed by the 3D controllers of the fake government. The Light is Here to Stay and the Darks attempt at World Take over will Fail.

We as the Lightwarriors and Lightworkers must step up to our true purpose, and stop separating amongst ourselves. We are the Keepers of this Planet and Must become that understanding. We are not this 3D form or any 3D title that the Dark wish to place on us. We are One with the All and we are one Humanity. Race does not exist because we are made of the same energy and the same Spirit. We must learn we are our brother's keepers, and we must love our neighbor as we do ourselves. This is the way of the Light, this is 5D understanding.

The Special energies coming in, during these times is to boost us in our ascension, allow these energies to engulf you, and Breathe them in. I feel that this energy will reset or correct our DNA to where whatever the Dark attempts to do to us, it will backfire, and not work in disconnecting us. We are made of the Light, nothing will stop us from returning back unto it.

So Be It.

In all my Love and Light,

Chelle ~ Owner of Universal Lighthouse Blog and Radio.


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