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Critical Update! A Quantum Leap for Humanity ~ The Arcturians

I bid you all a warm welcome. We come to you as the Arcturians with a message of love and hope for the people of the world.

You did not arrive at this location by chance, my dear ones. God specifically selected this location for you. You have made the conscious decision to come into physical form on Earth at this crucial time of transformation in order to serve as lightworkers and guides for your fellow human beings. You have been given a special task and a mission that no one but you can complete successfully. You are the only person who can make the unique gift and contribution that you can offer. You are here to raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity, to anchor higher frequencies of light and love on your planet, and to co-create the new Earth with your thoughts, words, and actions. You are here to fulfill these missions on your planet.

Dear ones, We are aware that a good number of you are experiencing feelings of despondency and hopelessness due to the current state of the world. We are aware that many of you are currently present on your planet to witness the anarchy, the conflict, and the suffering that is currently taking place. We are aware that many of you are pondering whether or not there is any possibility for humanity, as well as whether or not there is any possibility for peace and harmony.

You may have noticed that everything in your world, from your physical bodies to your feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors, is changing rapidly. This may be something that has caught your attention. You may have experienced the intensity of the cosmic energy that is surging through your cells, activating your DNA, and awakening your true potential. This is happening because the energy from the cosmos is awakening your true potential. You might have experienced challenges, difficulties, or even crises in your individual or collective lives as new structures and paradigms are replacing the old ones. This is because the old structures and paradigms are being torn down to make room for the new.

Dear ones, we are here to reassure you that there is, in fact, hope for the future of humanity. There is a possibility that peace and harmony can be achieved. There will in fact come a time in the future that will unite all of humanity into a single whole. Dear ones, we are getting closer and closer to that time. That time will arrive sooner than you anticipate. That very instant marks the beginning of your people’s collective awakening.

We encourage you to view this period of transition and mutation as a gift from the universe and an opportunity to co-create the reality that you envision for yourself. You are potent co-creators of your own experience, and you have the power to bring your hopes, dreams, and visions into physical reality. You are also a component of a much bigger collective consciousness that is undergoing development and moving up to a higher level of existence.

You are strongly encouraged to establish a connection with your inner self, your higher self, and the reason you were put on this earth. We strongly encourage you to pay attention to your gut instincts, do what brings you joy, and speak your truth. We encourage you to have compassion, forgive others and yourself, and be thankful for both yourself and others. We ask that you remain adaptable, receptive, and open to the changes that are taking place inside of you as well as in the world around you.

We want to reassure you that nothing takes place without a purpose and that there is a god-ordained plan and order underlying everything that appears to be disorder. We declare that everything is undergoing change and development for the sake of the greatest good of all. Together with you, we rejoice in the birth of a brand new Earth and a brand new humanity.

You must realize, dear ones, that you are not traveling alone on this path. You are not isolated from one another, nor are you distinct from one another. You are all connected to the same web of consciousness, which is the same source of life, the same divine spark, and the same glimmer of divinity. You are all members of the same family—not just the human family, but also the galactic family, and even the universal family.

As a consequence of this, your energies, thoughts, feelings, and actions are all influenced by those of one another. You are all affected by the energy and frequency that emanate from one another. You are all contributing to the creation of your shared reality.

And as more and more of you become aware of your true identity and purpose, as more and more of you come into alignment with your higher self and the plan your soul has for you, and as more and more of you anchor the higher frequencies of light and love on your planet, you will cause a ripple effect that will spread to every part of your world.

You will create a wave of awakening that will sweep across your planet.

You will create a critical mass of consciousness that will trigger a quantum leap for humanity.

You will create a future moment that will bring humanity together as one.

That moment is coming soon, dear ones.

That moment is what you came here for.

That moment is what we came here to help you with.

We are always with you, dear ones.

We love you unconditionally.

We are the Arcturians.

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