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Cosmic Light Update 2/7 ~A SUPER SHIFT Full Moon~ Love is our Light

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Full moon energies always shine the Light on the Darkness of the night. It is a time of heightened energy, activity, and emotions. ... The Full Moon can heighten your emotions, both good or bad, and can potentially make you or others more sensitive as well. The February Full Moon falls on the 8-9th and is considered as the Snow Moon, and is in the fire sign of Leo. It is the Energy of Fire and can awaken our eternal Flame. It will guide us to make Divine choices, to strengthen our Service, and to give us the confidence needed to move forward on this journey.

This Months full moon is also urging us to calm our minds and relax into the Oneness of the Universal energies. There is chaotic energy that is being expressed through the collective of Humanity. This is our own fears surfacing and needing to be transmuted into higher Light. Always remember that during the full moon All Energies are amplified.

This is where the SUPER Shift takes place. This Full moon is the first of 4 back to back Super Moons. This energy is in alignment with major change. But this is Change happening within ourselves and will be reflected outward. It's all about the choices you make.

The choice is ours, to either allow the chaos and separation to take over us or to Balance and center ourselves with the Oneness Energies of the Universe.

When we connect with the Divine, we are actually disconnecting from the matrix. The illusions of this world works very hard to keep us in the lower consciousness of self-service, and fear.

By allowing ourselves to understand our true nature of Unity, we can transform the chaos into harmony, within ourselves and throughout the collective. This Lightwork starts within your own mind. We must heal ourselves before we can be a clear conduit of the Light. Our Ego mind blocks the divine connection through our negative thoughts and own personal fears.

We must also remind ourselves as long as we have chaos and separation in our minds, We will create That same energy within our lives.

This Full moon in the Fire sign of Leo is igniting our inner flame. This is an awakening of the soul. When our soul is awakened, we are aware of our divine connection to all things. This will spark another wave in the collective, to awaken.

The Leo Full Moon also Strengthens us in all aspects of the Divine, including our gifts and energy work. It allows for a heightened boost of Power when we are projecting healing and manifesting for the greater good. We each have our own divine purpose, That purpose is for the greater good of All. During this full moon, when we focus on that Purpose, we are receiving the HigherLight amplified.

If you feel that you are out of alignment with the divine and are experiencing the chaos, Immediately stop and focus back on the heart space, and ask your inner light to expand and protect you and your loved ones from any negative energies, that may be attaching themselves to you or attacking you. Then Focus on the Feeling of Love. That very special feeling you have for your child or loved one. This very special LOVE is the Mother/Father Energies. Pure Unconditional Love. Once you can feel the Love in your heart space, project That same love to all... Your Family, your friends, the person down the street, or even your worst enemy. Send it to all the Earth and her inhabitants. Send that Beautiful power of love to the rest of this Universe. We must remember that Love is our light. This is the Unconditional Vibration of this Universe. When we focus this Vibration of Love we heal ourselves and help heal the collective consciousness of humanity.


We are getting ready for a major shift in energies. We have a Full Moon in Leo Sunday. This is the first of 4 back to back Super Moons. These energies are assisting us in this clearing process. We have more layers to shed and this energy will assist us in doing just that. As the energies are intensifying they are creating a gateway that we will be passing through. This energy is powerful and we are all in this together. We all agreed to be experiencing these events during this time. Use this shift to find your fire. There is a lot of inspiration and creativity stirring. You are being assisted, but this is still something you need to do yourself. If your feeling under pressure it’s meant to push you to find your power. These energies will continue to amplify through the year. That means your able to manifest easier and easier. In fact we have reached a place of instant manifestation. Our intentions and thoughts have never been more important. Use this energy to focus on creating something new. Remember we are here to create ourselves. This is an amazing time to visualise the highest form of yourself.

This will help you speed up in reaching there. Who are you wishing to become? What do you have left to heal and release? Stay positive to better align with where you want to shift to. Source,

We must remember to always stay in alignment with our Divine purpose, which will be for the Betterment of the All. When we become selfish and use the energies for our own benefit, we are no longer in alignment with the Divine Will of the Universe.

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Powerful, Creative, and Intense Full moon energies.

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