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Cosmic Light Update 12/24 ~ The Flame Portal Solar Eclipse ~ The Ring of Light

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There is no doubt that this time of year can be exhausting, even if you don't celebrate in a traditional since. With the solar eclipse energy on top of the holiday season, we can expect to feel these energies to the extreme. With Eclipses Comes Portals, and this Portal is a very special one for The Twin Flames or the Twin Angels. The "ring of Fire" or the ring of Light is a powerful gift of wholeness from this Universe. The "ring" is a symbol of the Sacred Union, and this will reflect within our Lives as well. For those who are with their Twin Flame will experience Total connection during this time, Allow the Holiday Joy, to fill your relationships with Light and Love. What this does for others who are not in the Twin Flame relationship, is create the energy force to achieve the Masculine and Feminine Union within yourselves, bringing you closer to your Twin Flame Connection.

As Beautiful as this is, we must understand the clearing that must take place to achieve the sacred Union, Ego must be set aside. This is the Moment of letting go of Self, and seeing your connection as One with All, especially your Twin Flame, Which is the Other half of your Soul.

While intense, the energy around this Eclipse is really like a fresh breeze entering the room. If things have felt stagnant, stuck or sticky for you, this Eclipse is a wonderful opportunity to shake things loose and to begin moving forward.


An annular solar eclipse occurs when a New Moon is furthest from the Earth on its elliptical orbit, and on Christmas Day it will appear about one percent smaller in the sky. It can’t fully eclipse the Sun, and instead observers see a “ring of fire” or “ring of light” around the Moon. This will be the final eclipse of 2019 and unfortunately, North America will not see any part of it. Only skywatchers in parts of Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa will be able to catch a glimpse of the display.


The Effect of a Solar Eclipse on Your Mind, Body and Soul

Even though the cosmos is always putting on beautiful displays for us, a Solar Eclipse is definitely one that you cannot ignore.

During Solar Eclipses, the Sun, Moon, and Earth will be in complete alignment. The three cosmic forces, the holy trinity of our Universe, will come together as one, almost like a grand reset that will help to bring about the start of a new cycle.

You can read more about the astrology and spiritual themes of the Solar Eclipse here, but this article is going to focus more on what is happening on a mind, body and soul level.

The cosmos is affecting us all of the time, but when something as profound and as grand as an Eclipse occurs, it is likely you are going to feel it on many levels.

Although NASA states that a Solar Eclipse has nothing but a psychological affect on us, many other cultures around the world, mystics and myself included believe otherwise.

Sure, while there is no scientific proof, if you take a moment to really still and connect with your body, you may just feel something shifting.

During a Solar Eclipse there is a definite change in the vibration and frequency of energies on Earth. Seeing as we are all connected and part of these vibrational frequencies, it is likely that we are also going to feel this.

Your balance may be affected, or you may feel out of sorts, you may also feel extra sensitive to the energies and emotions of those around you.

On a deeper level, this change in frequency and vibration can also help you to create your own “reset” and can help you to lift your energetic vibration to a whole new level.

Animals can actually sense an Eclipse and often display erratic behaviour leading up to and during the event. One study conducted on spiders found that during a Solar Eclipse the spiders dismantled their webs and built them up again once the Eclipse had passed.

With all of these subtle, yet noticeable effects in the world around us, it is very likely that a Solar Eclipse is affecting us on a much deeper level than we even realize.

Our circadian rhythms are dependent on the rising and setting of the Sun, and when darkness falls during the middle of the day even just for a few hours, it can definitely have an influence on our body.

Besides feeling tired and lethargic, a Solar Eclipse can also help to activate a dream like state and is actually a perfect time to meditate or conduct a ritual.

Our circadian rhythms are also controlled by our pineal gland, which is the gland also responsible for the opening and awakening of our third eye.

When darkness falls due to a Solar Eclipse, it can help to activate the pineal gland, which can bring about a spiritual awakening of sorts.

From an astrological point of view, a Solar Eclipse is all about new beginnings and making a fresh start in your life, so it seems only fitting that an awakening of some kind would be part of this process.

According to Native American Shamans, a Solar Eclipse represents a powerful time of healing.

The alignment of the Sun, Moon and Earth represents the dissolving of differences and the coming together as One.

During a Solar Eclipse, emotional wounds can be healed and stronger relationships can be forged. This can then bring about a mutual understanding and can help the world to unite in love and harmony, rather than being in opposition.

In some Indian cultures, a Solar Eclipse has a more foreboding message and it is believed to be a time where evil can rise to the surface. Pregnant women are warned not to go out side and many will not eat food during an Eclipse.

It is believed that Solar Eclipses can also cause digestive disturbances and crops harvested and eaten during an Eclipse can be devoid of nutrients.

In fact, in many cultures a Solar Eclipse is viewed as a negative omen and is believed to create natural disasters such as earthquakes and so on.

When it comes to cosmic events like this a Solar Eclipse, intention is everything so follow your own instincts and see what resonates and comes up for you.

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Flame Eclipse Portal on the back of the Solstice Christmas Krystal Stargate, bringing with it the 'New Dawn' codes for starseed creations and activation's as you move into your new year of 2020. Newly crowned as the 'True Royals on Earth', as Gridworkers, Mapmakers and creators of the New World.

The Flame Eclipse Portal, December 26th 2019 (Boxing Day Ring of Fire)

Channelled, written and narrated by Magenta Pixie. Video compiled by Catzmagick. Magenta Pixie Website:


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