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Awakening of Everything ~ Cosmic Council of 12 (Article)

by Natalie Glasson

Greetings and love, we, the Cosmic Council of 12, share our love and blessings with you. We hold the essence of Creator truth and we send it throughout the entire Universe of the Creator.

We charge your entire being with this essence of truth, a truth in many ways, that only the Creator can truly understand, and yet you are the Creator incarnated. You hold the vibration, the energy, the source of all that is, so you can understand this truth as well – maybe in a different way to our understanding as the Cosmic Council of 12. Your understanding will be perfect and appropriate for your level of growth and your experience upon the earth, as well as what your soul wishes to embark upon.

Imagine this high vibration of truth flowing and synthesizing throughout your being and your entire existence, as well as the Universe of the Creator, in fact, everything that is the Creator. This is creating an awakening. It is awakening everything and everyone. Not only that, within every aspect of the Creator this synthesis of truth is awakening every part of that aspect.

If we take your body, your being, your soul – all that you are – the synthesis of truth is flowing into your being. It has the potential to awaken every part of your being. This may sound appealing, and it is appropriate at this time, however there is also a need to hold an understanding that, when everything is awoken within your being, it will need to find a new balance.

This may be why you feel stuck or disappointed in your reality or maybe only aspects of your reality at this time. As this vibration of truth comes forth, with a purpose of awakening everything to a certain degree or certain level, a new balance must be found; a new understanding, a new appreciation of self, and a new acceptance of self and all that is the Creator.

There is a need to recognize where you feel stuck in your reality and where you feel disappointed, and yes, acceptance is appropriate and necessary; accepting where you are in this precise moment of your growth and your reality, also accepting that there are steps that need to be taken in order to create the balance that is needed.

You can ask yourself in quiet time, or meditation, where do you feel stuck in your reality or within your being? Or disappointed?

Can you and are you willing to accept that this is where you are at this time?

Are you able to contemplate a new step forward that could create the balance that is necessary and needed?What would this step be?

Balance is needed so that you may then continue to synthesize with the vibration of truth that is automatically and naturally happening within your being and your reality.

Balance will help you enjoy the awakening that is coming forth and to enjoy the awakening of truth and remembrance that will manifest.

We invite you to contemplate this. You may wish to ask us, the Cosmic Council of 12, to synthesize and align you with this vibration of truth that awakens everything and everyone.

Our love is with you always and we thank you.

Cosmic Council of 12


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1 Comment

Feb 04

My head spins as we are revealed as to just how powerful we are..and also how well the dark forces gas duped us, and erased our memories of our truth. Yes, this is a spectacular time to be present in this age..I so appreciate all the supportive interaction we receive from our cosmic families of the light.

I will call to you in meditation this day.



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