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August 2021 Energy Update

The August Energy Update has arrived! One thing that came to me very strongly when I started bringing the themes through is that this is very much a year of two halves. June began the new energy for 2021, and we'll be entering into it in a deeper way in August. A few of the headlines for this month are: 💫 We are Becoming New at an All New Speed 💫 Planetary Sustainability is coming into Sharper Focus now, and in the months to come. 💫 Surprises, Creation and Instant Transformations will be the bright spots energetically in the month of August and beyond. Watch the for the full Energy Update for a deeper look at these themes and more... Big love, Lee -- ✨ Go deeper with Lee inside the Portal Community: ✨ Sign Up for #Transmissions2021: ✨ Subscribe to Lee's channel so you can always stay up to date on his latest free video teachings: ✨ Say hi to Lee on social: Facebook: Instagram: ✨ For a full transcript of this #energyupdate visit: ✨ [Download] Embrace Your Body-Embrace Your Beauty Meditations: ✨ Stream 'Transmissions' the Album! -- ▶️ August Themes: Intro (00:00) 2021 is a year of two halves energetically - June began part two (01:42) We are becoming NEW at an all new speed (02:07) Planetary Sustainability in sharp focus - fight/denial/breakthroughs (03:30) Intensity waves - yes and ANCESTRAL HEALING (04:45) Fear turns off our ability to use our senses + Emotional Reactivity is contagious (05:28) Are you managing to navigate the chaos or are you only being impacted by it? (7:33) Are your past emotions creating your future, or are you? (10:25) This is a time to consciously FOCUS on your healing if feeling stuck, triggered or resistant (12:15) After the healing moments, allow the Magic to find you and BE you (13:54) Surprises, Creation and Instant Transformations will be the energy ‘bright-streaks’ this month (14:13)


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