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AS THE UNIVERSE TURNS ~ A Wake-Up Call To Humanity


Welcome dear ones to the higher frequency of Love. As you move forward into a new way of being you increase the Light on the Planet. The New Way of Being isn't really new at all, but more of an ancient way. The Mother hasn't always been in the 3D vibration. In very Ancient times this earth was within the Higher Frequencies. She was openly inhabited by many different Higher conscious species, living in harmony. As The Universe turns, we enter waves of Light, Higher than Lower. Plus our solar system is on a cycle every 26,000 years in and out of the Photon Belt.

"The Photon Belt is a Toric field of energy that emanates out from Alcyone in the Pleiades.

During our Solar Systems 26,000 year transit of Alycone, we spend 11,000 years outside of the Photon Belt of Alcyone (referred to as years of darkness), followed by 2,000 years inside the Photon Belt (referred to as the years of light), followed by another 11,000 years outside and another 2,000 years inside and so forth." ~ By Simone M. Matthews.

During the darker phase of the Earth's Orbit through Space, The Earth became much denser in its solidity or matter. The Vibration of Earth Slowed and The Lower Frequency allowed for much darker energies to Connect themselves to this planet. Most of the Higher Vibrational Beings left the Planet while others went underground.

During this Dark Phase, The Human species became an experiment. Before, when the planet would go through the shifts, the humans weren't evolving quick enough spiritually to make the ascension. So, many of the Ancient Species decided to Help Humans by manipulating and altering their Souls and DNA to boost Humans into the Higher Light, much quicker than before in normal evolution.

They did this By Giving us Direct DNA from some of the Most Ancient Races.

However, during the times of Lower Frequencies, it gave the Dark the opportunity to take control of the earth. They realized that their best asset on the planet was the Human Race. They Enslaved Humanity, with our consent, through trickery and deceit. They would have never been able to control us otherwise. The Dark Ones knew that humans had higher grade DNA, because of the Manipulation by Higher vibrational beings, We are very special.

We have many Higher qualities that the dark don't have. "Love" being the Main thing, Love Vibration literally hurts them, physically. Creativity is also one of the main things we have, that they don't. We were created in the Image of Source, giving us the gift of Creation. We are literally Children of the Infinite Creator, and this is why the dark are trying everything in their power in these moments to stop us from knowing our Truth.

Our Power, Our Ability to Love, Our Ability to Create true heaven on Earth, Scares them. If they lose control of us, They lose, period. Control of the "Spirit" is their goal, This is literally a battle for your soul. The Spirit is Life.

They have made it to where we have to depend on them to survive as a species. They are behind those who make the Money that Pays you to go buy Food and Water that should be free. Making Money the High power has Caused Humans to be literally indebted to them. They control the governments of the world, directing them into continued War and chaos. They control the media, religions, and everything that the average person is seeing, hearing, and thinking, in every moment.

But One BIG thing they do not have control of and have never controlled, is Our Spirit. The Spirit is our true essence, of What We Are. There is But One Spirit (Consciousness) in this Universe and "You" are part of it. You are within it and it is within you. It is your Breath, your Love, and your Creativity. It is the eternal you.

No Matter what happens in the physical realm, it will not change our connection to the Source. It will not change the Divine Plan of our ascension.

The dark has played this game for a very long time, they are good at deceiving Humans. This is what they do. But The Light Shines bright Now, exposing them for what they are. This is What the Light does, It brings Truth to the surface. In ourselves and throughout our world.

When we say that we and this Earth are returning to the Light, it is a scientific, astrological, and Spiritual Fact.

The choice is ours whether to align with the energies that are now surrounding us. The Higher Vibrations that are Now hitting us are bringing Love, Understanding, Unity, Abundance, and Peace to this Earth and to each and every one of us if we accept it.

It's Not about being Religious, It's about being good to each other, and Loving One another, Being Of service to All, in Oneness. This is what the Masters taught. They taught that you didn't put yourself before others and You were of total service to The All which is God.

These ancient Teachings permeated through all the religions., even trickling down into modern religions, Staying hidden beneath a lot of Dogma. The service to Others Mentality, Is Love and Compassion, The Highest Vibration the human form can emit. Nothing can change that, no matter what color is painted on it. When you are in service to Others you are spreading your Love and compassion to them through your intentional Energy transfer. This is why the dark ones are trying to keep us separated. We can literally heal each other just by sharing our Love for one Another.

Our DNA Is now coming online, It is written within us, our divine purpose. If we allow the Light to transform us, we can make a much easier transition into this Higher Frequency and Way of Being.

This is a call to wake-up to your Truth. You are not your Career, You are not your race, You are not your Religion, You are not your Political Point of View, You are not even this Physical Body. You are the Spirit Within and Without.

In Infinite Love and Light,

Chelle @ Universal Lighthouse


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