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An Intervention of the Highest Form

An Intervention of the Highest Form.

Channelled Through Divine Light, By Chellea

Blessings beautiful Family of Light,

Things are very strange around here lately, I had a beautiful writing yesterday that literally vanished from my computer. It was through Divine Light and was a direct Channel, and it was full of Information. I am asking again to be given this beautiful message, Thank you.

Stop for just a Moment, Take a Deep Breath, Fill yourselves with the Beautiful Light of the Infinite Creator.

Breathe it in and surround yourselves with it. This connects you to the essence from where you came. This magnificent Loving Light is who you are. It is the essence of your Soul Flame.

We are beginning to receive higher guidance from the celestial realms, The Ones we know as the Angels or the Shining Ones from our ancient times are here now, to help assist in this ascension back to the Light. These beings are now able to connect with us more directly, due to our increase in vibrations, and due to the fact that the dark is totally being vanquished and is being replaced with Light, they can now move freely amongst us. We are experiencing An Intervention of the Highest Form. The Lights intervention will direct the rest of this ascension into the higher 4th and 5th Dimension. The starseeds are on the journey to a 5th dimensional reality while many of the Wanderers are of Celestial origin and will advance much higher. Those who Choose too, will have the Higherself Embodied fully. This will bring the Light Quota of this Planet Much Higher to Boost this Ascension along much Faster.

In these moments we are being reminded to continually go within. Our Higher Light is now becoming more prominent. With all the Outside guidance we also have our Higher selves now being more direct in this guidance as well. This is a lot of Soul Training we are experiencing in these moments. We have been held back, for a very long time.

This is the first time Humans have been able to ascend into the higher dimensions. So this special divine Order of Higher guidance, is taking place.

We are being reminded to always look to the Light within. In our darkest Moments, if we could just remember to look towards the Light, we will see them. I am being shown the central sun of the Universe, it is Considered to be the Logos, and is where the Higher forms of Light reside. It is connected directly with all other Suns in this Universe and It is a communication and teleportation system that is used by Highest Light. I am then shown The Human Body and how the Blood vessels run throughout, with the Heart as the central sun. This is how this universe works, we are literally Consciously and physically a reflection of this creation.

If we can remember to look towards our Inner sun in our darkest moments, we will see them, Our Angels and Guides, They have always been with us, but can now interact more directly, by the divine order. They are always with us during our darkest moments, and celebrating with us during our achievements, we just need to recognize their presence. Their Guidance is Subtle and gentle. It's guiding you to become filled with Light. You will know it when you become of the egotistical Mindset, they will redirect you back to your Light, back to following the heart instead of the mind.

We are also being reminded that when we try and push certain narratives in our reality, we can become too Egotistical, wanting things a certain way. If you put the wrong vibration towards a goal you can literally create the opposite for yourself.

The only energy that this Universe understands for progress, is Love. If your intentions are pure of heart, totally selfless in nature, and totally of Service to Others, This Universe sees that Vibration and allows you to achieve the Goal much faster. When we learn to work with the energies instead of against them, we will create our heaven on Earth. It's all about the Vibration you are in in every moment. Humans can shift from one extreme to the other as far as vibration. To keep a steady frequency we must become more aware of what kind of Energy we surround ourselves and engulf ourselves with, and also what we are projecting through our Thoughts, words, and actions. Being of service to Others is the highest form of Love we can emit, and is the Vibration of Source Light. Plus Using things like Food and drink, Music, Art, and dance, and other positive and high vibrational activities, we can sustain the vibrations needed to achieve this ascension and to connect with our Celestial Families. We are now being directed and guided on a more personal level, You will Know this Guidance, from the Love it Guides you to Become. If you are stuck in the EGO mindset you will miss this beautiful connection. Again, Stop, breathe,and focus on the Light within, it is a Reflection of the Light of Source. This is your personal communication and teleportation portal, and your personal phone "Home".

and so it is, and it is so.

In so much Love and Light,

Channeled through Divine Light, By Chellea @


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