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**An Important Update** ~ The Next Looking Glass Event 5/28~ The Galactic Federation

We are the Galactic Federation, and now we greet all of the human Collective Consciousness in this time, in love and light of the one infinite Creator. we would recommend all entities who shall listen to our messages, to use inner discernment and only accept those thought forms that resonate with the inner heart of the self.

we must firstly provide a galactic update regarding the current situation that is happening in the Milky Way galaxy as known by your people. recently the so-called meditation, and sending of love and light by this instrument, and other members of the earth Human Social memory complex, led to the protection of the sun logos.

furthermore this prevented the intrusions of the sun logos by negatively oriented entities.

in addition we are now going to share the Next Looking Glass events that will most likely occur on your planet as shown by the Looking Glass artifacts. now currently the so-called beings known as the Illuminati from your planetary sphere, and other entities who are considered as the elites of your planet are planning to create a portal inside the Earth planet, in the inner earth Plains wherein the Agarthans resides. They are planning to create a circle of a portal that will allow all dimensional realities to coexist.

That will lead to the creation of the dimensional rupture, and entry of other dimensional beings into the Earth's current reality. This may lead many negative entities, and Elementals, to enter the Earth's planetary Consciousness, and affect the vibratory rhythms of the earth planet.

In addition this will lead to Distortion of changes in the planetary vibratory rhythms. therefore at this time around the space time of 28th of May 2023, and thereafter. They are planning to create a CERN like configuration inside the Earth’s Crust. with the assistance of the members of the Illuminati as known by your people. as well as the other entities who form the control group of Elites of the Earth's planetary sphere.

if these entities are successful in doing so, this will change the complete trajectory of the Earth's future planetary vibration.

the best way to stop this, is through the process of performing a meditation at the timeline of around 28th of May. which will protect the Earth's Planet as well as the inner core.

the other query relates to it the aspects of what is sacred geometry as known by your people, and how to use it.

We the Galactic Federation must now address this, and state that the so-called concept of sacred geometry primarily is a reference given by many of the entities of your planetary sphere to the universal patterns, and the symbolisms. specifically, the underlying patterns which are found behind everything in creation.

since every object matter, and sound which is created, occurs in a pattern that is written within the underlying fabric of space, and time. It's the existence by the one infinite Creator itself. the aspect of sacred geometry can be considered as a study of the Hidden script of creation, and the Divine spiritual blueprint for everything, which manifests into existence in the Earth planet.

sacred geometry is the Divine pattern of the universe, that makes up all of existence. furthermore, everything in the universe has a divine order, and significance. and we must state, that many of your spiritual entities who are teachers of this aspect, have mastered to recognize the symbolisms that are found as a physical reality, which is Created from the fabric of the minds of the one infinite Creator.

we must also state that the primary geometric shapes that are known in your sphere, as those of known by the people, as a sphere, which is considered as the basic, and the most primary sacred geometric form. which is the symbolism of the Divine Consciousness. which is all encompassing, and all the present, in all domains of the universe, which is Created from the mind of the one infinite Creator itself.

sacred geometries also used by your people to describe how certain geometrical shapes, and patterns, have a spiritual symbolic or metaphysical significance in your planetary sphere. many of the so-called ancient civilizations, such as those of the ancient Egypt, Greek, and the Mayans, as known in your planetary sphere, who were practicing these secret sacred geometric principles. thereby, they will create all patterns in the form of sacred geometric principles. such as those of the pyramids found in Egypt, which follow the Triangular geometric shape. which is also a part of the fabric of tuning into an energy pattern. which will allow for energy to be Amplified into a single point.

there are also other patterns of sacred geometry which Encompass, and are known in your language terms, as those which form a tetrahedron or octahedron or other complex structures.

we must say that these geometric patterns are the fundamental aspects of the space-time universe matter, elements and all of the universe, in the space-time realm operate using these principles of sacred geometry. Many aspects are materializations, which comes into Creation in the space-time fabric of the universe, has to follow the rules of the geometric patterns of creation. otherwise, the creation does not happen in accordance with the universal law, and such types of matter may not exist.

We must also state that these patterns of sacred geometry can also be used to invoke a connection with the spiritual complex. and to become more aware and to attune with higher spiritual realities.

we must state that the aspect of sacred geometry primarily can be used in the process of innovation of Consciousness, through the aspect of meditation or contemplation on sacred geometric patterns, or shapes. this can be done for a purpose of quietening the mind, and connecting the individual with a deeper sense of meaning, and purpose.

the best way is to primarily use and structure of sacred geometry, such as the shape of a circle. and it can be performed in a manner wherein the Consciousness, or awareness, can be stabilized, or moved, into a coherent pattern, by moving the conscious attention into a certain shape such as the type of a circle. by tracing the Consciousness, or moving the Consciousness, in the shape of a circle, the basic geometrical systems operates, and this will allow for Consciousness stream to be stabilized more and more.

the other portion of the query relates with how many Wanderers are present on the Earth planet at the present time, and what is the percentage of each fourth, fifth, and sixth density Wanderers.

furthermore, The Entity also wants to understand how many of them are of a negative polarization. The percentage of each negative density, we must state that firstly, there are eight, sixth density Wanderers, at the space- time of the Earth planet in the existence of this current timeline. there are 108 000 fifth density positive Wanderers at this time. as well as a ratio of an unknown amount of fifth density negatively polarized Wanderers, who occur in the Earth planet without the permission of the Council of planets, or our permission.

hence, we do not find the accurate number to describe the negatively oriented fifth density entities. the fourth density positive oriented Wanderers, amounts to around 395,996 at this current space time. and the fourth density negative Wanderers amount cannot be deciphered because of term ability to enter into the space-time without permission, and without the heeding of the quarantine of the Earth planet.

We are the Galactic Federation.

Channeled By Sam the illusionist, Obtained through transcript and then edited for video.


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