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An Important Message ~ The Wanderers are Being Awakened ~ The Andromedan Council

We Greet you in the Love and The Light of the Infinite Creator,

We have so much to tell you about what is taking place around your Planet, with the Dark Forces being almost completely nulled of their Power here. Many different Species have come to your beckon call. Your skies will soon be filled with their ships.

The Light being sent to you is affecting everything in its path. The Earth and all who reside here are being raised into The Higher Vibrations.

Many of you are now experiencing the transformation, but are still witnessing the 3D illusion play out. So you may feel split between the 3rd Dimension illusion and the 5th dimensional reality.

As we gather around you, we are all spreading the Light into every dark corner. Nothing will escape the Power of Love that is engulfing you.

Those of us who are now in your time space, have shown ourselves in short visits. However, we wait patiently for the moment where we can drop our veil completely. That day is soon to arrive in your Skies. Until then, we wait for the Divines guidance.

The Dark are now scrambling on your planet, with nowhere to go. They have been abandoned by their controllers. They still try and play out the illusion of a 3D system. This is their way of trying to maintain control. The entire 3D illusion will collapse. This includes the current economic system that has been greatly used against Humanity. There will be no more of the extremely rich making rules for everyone else. If it does not benefit ALL, then it will not exist on the New Earth. Things are about to become a little more even on the playing field. All who hold on to the old paradigm will find it hard to deal with the changes happening.

It is Important for you to know That We have awakened many of our wandering Andromedan Starseeds that have been trapped here for a very long time. Once control was gained back over this system, We have gained control back of the Moon. Which many of you will soon recall that your so-called Moon is one of ours, The Andromedans, older vessels. It was placed here to balance the Earth, and re-stable it, after its poles shifted over 12,000 years ago in this Timeline. A Battle was fought against the Ones you know as the Reptilians from the Draco constellation. They took over this solar system and the Moonship we had placed here for your Planet. The result was thousands of years of being held away from our Families here on Earth.

Many Humans feel naturally connected to your Moonship. The reason is, it has been a home for many of you for a very long time when you are not in Human form. Within its bowels lies chambers, or what you might refer to as pods. These pods are not within the 3rd dimensional reality, but are housed within the higher dimensions out of reach of the Dark ones agenda. These Pods have held many different Starseeds who are incarnating on your planet at this Time. These Pods hold your Higher dimensional Selves, within the 6th to the 9th Dimensions. Far out of the Touch of the Dark Ones.

You are the Wanderers, who sought out to help humanity and Mother Gaia back to the Light. You hid from the dark ones, and kept out of their sights. You have been incarnated as humans for Thousands of years to help release humanity from the Dark force's grip. You have succeeded in your Missions. Congratulations. Your Families of Light are now here to assist in the rest of This Earths, and Humanities, Ascension process.

You have done very well with your Missions, and will be greatly rewarded Through The Higher Light.

Your Star families await you in joyous reunion.

You are the Masters Returning Home.

We love you and Honor you.

In The Love and Light of The Infinite Creator.

We are the Andromedan Council

Channeled By Chellea, at


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Richardthe Raelian
Richardthe Raelian
May 15, 2023

Hello! I'am impressed by what I see and I'am sure you have plenty more surprises for readers like me so I'll contribute more comments in the future take care of yourselves and goodbye!


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