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Amplifying Mother Plasma Intelligence for the Upcoming Energy Shift ~ Sandra Walter (Audio + Article)

Amplifying Mother Plasma Intelligence for the Upco

Amplifying Mother Plasma Intelligence for the Upcoming Energy Shift

The collective subconscious has shifted after many years of release and clearing. This changes our collective creation abilities, supporting new Source-informed unified creation which honors the higher trajectory and benefits the whole.

Wave-like sensations are felt as Mother Plasma cleanses us with Zero Point possibility. Remember this New Light is literally encoded with frequencies, harmonics and crystalline structures that shift our perception, and change our expression from particle-based density to wave form.

Waves of the new Mother Plasma may feel like sailing on a boat in the Cosmic Ocean. Floaty wave-like sensations are felt; gentle rocking or sudden waves of energy passing through the field.

There is a palpable softness in these grace-infused plasma waves. Allow yourself to be embraced by the stillness, gratitude, compassion, and Infinite LoveLight Intelligence. This is the Divine nature of the realm shift. Our creation of a physical Self and dense realities feel like they are dissolving into the Cosmic Ocean once more.

Rather than judgment of the old illusion, or impatience with its inevitable demise, there is a calm appreciation of what was. An honoring of what was created, paired with a rejuvenated desire to participate in a new creation.

We are capable beings; let the light reveal what lights up your heart in this Now. Your service, interests, beliefs, and habits may be different than previous versions of Self.

Notice how Gaia’s core magnetic shift and magnetic field fluctuations affect the magnetics of our Infinite Kryst Hearts. They work in tandem, consistently informing our realities, DNA, and experience in order to create the New. Resistance or fear creates distortion.

Let us embrace this wave-based flow state as our baseline experience during this phase.

There is a massive magnetic shift happening at Galactic Center.

Let us open to these realm-shifting, consciousness-shifting, heart-opening magnetic changes with ease and grace.

In Love, Light and Service,

Sandra Walter at


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