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A Message to Lightworkers – July 3, 2020

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you today.

Today we bring through a message from your galactic family, by way of the Ashtar Command, who wish to share these words and energies of encouragement with you:

“Friends (actually, family with whom we have spent many eons in Earth time)—

We greet you in the name of Universal mutuality, Unity, and Peace.

The Peace that comes to those who no longer struggle against the present moment, but allow the depths and textures of that moment to flow in and out, as the ocean tides.

And the depth and texture of the moment you now experience has different aspects to it, many of them demanding, some perhaps challenging in ways you would rather not feel or see.

Many of us have likewise spent time on planets that were in what many have called a crisis mode.

We understand feelings of things being out of control, in which your wishes, higher reasoning, and preferred social structures such as equality are not being respected.

And as you are experiencing this, you wonder also what will become of you and your fellow beings, as those with darker intent appear to be winning the day.

We must say, that though the moment appears intimidating, that this is a healing crisis, and that the energies of what you travel through now are lifting you to a higher outcome than what you can presently see.

Perhaps you prefer not to use the word “crisis” at all.

It can indeed be quite stressing and demanding when change turns sudden and difficult, rather than subtle and gradual.

In fact, sudden change can feel catastrophic, even when necessary.

And so you struggle now, hearing your Earthly news reports and seeing your outer political and economic conditions—people experiencing losses of jobs or homes, or of health and well-being, in the outer sense.

And you may wonder, “Is this the end of our freedom, our democracy, our planetary eco stability, or our wellness, as we once knew it?”

And we would say, Yes—yet not the End in the sense that you mean it.

It is the end of the old, oppressive regimes, and we do not speak only of those who sit in presumed places of power.

It is the end of narrowness in human thought, of the restrictions of the two-strand DNA, of the denser Earth energies that block memories of past lives.

And the end of the teachings of a concocted history of your Earth and this Universe.

And so, what does it begin?

It begins the large-scale release of healing technologies that lift a person’s vibration from that of illness or injury to complete wholeness and wellness in a matter of minutes or hours, not days.

It begins a new era in which aging and degradation of tissues are a thing of the past, ending the ridiculously short Earth lives in which you must leave as the body demands, though the heart desires to remain with loved ones far longer.

It begins the sort of space travel you have known in other lives and on other planets—a freedom born of unity, of interplanetary connection and interaction, and mutual respect amongst all beings.

And it begins with your realization that you are not the confined, constricted, small, nearly helpless third dimensional being you have been caught inside of for thousands of years.

You are welcoming in no less than this now, friends—an end to the “endings” of the old Earth!

What we would ask, is that when you read or hear the news stories of violence, of totalitarian measures taken to dissolve individual and group freedoms, or feel you have little to no voice left with which to stand up and oppose these measures—that you know you are not alone in representing the right of a planet to be free, to be sovereign, to be whole.

Yes, of course—so what’s going to happen next? our scribe is asking impatiently.

And so we will say, you are aware of the many sightings of ships taking place all around the planet now—you see such in your social media, and what is termed the “alternative press.”

Be aware that for every sighting reported—and these are increasing in number daily—that thousands of others are being experienced by Earth beings, all over the world.

Yes, we are always present, as you know.

We tend to appear as what you call “cloud ships” and other formations that will indicate our presence quietly, without panicking the multitudes or engaging governmental response.

Understand that it is not only a question of “sightings,” for your own ships (each of you having a home in the skies) send you messages inwardly both day and night, which your conscious mind may or may not pick up on, via the energy transmissions and telepathic connections that occur within soul families.

For in addition to those sightings, many hundreds of landings are leading to interaction between Earth persons and those on the ships (human and otherwise).

There are also now increasing levels of energetic and telepathic connection and messaging on a global level, as well as to groups and individuals.

This is occurring on a mass scale in preparation for mass landings, so as to mitigate fear and uncertainty, due to the mental programming received for centuries that have kept Earth’s people in a place of separation from their non-Earth-based soul family members.

You need not fear that your militaries will be able to stop our efforts.

What sophisticated weaponry they possess has come from those on our level, and we are well-equipped to nullify any attacks.

Nor will the au regime be permitted to fake an “alien invasion”—for one, we are not aliens!

We of the Ashtar Command are known friends, acquaintances, colleagues, and family members.

You yourselves are Starseed! And you have not been abandoned by your rightful families.

It is important that you grasp this now, and release the learned fear that comes with feeling that you are at the moment a David facing a Goliath that is after all, too big to defeat.

Yet it is not so much a matter of defeating those who seek to control you, but realizing they can no longer control you, except through their one last lever to pull, which is through the false evidence that is fear.

And so we encourage you to release the need to engage in that very dense vibration, which cannot bring you anything which you envision and know in your high heart is real, and happening now.

And that is the evolving of humanity into being once more, as you were before the fall of Atlantis and other great civilizations, a galactic people in a galactic and intergalactic civilization.

Your time has come, and no one can take it from you.

And so if you prefer to calm and release those automatic survival instincts that are yelling loudly that every alarm should be set off, then yes—now is the time to do so!

It is not so that all will change immediately, and yet—great changes are already occurring. You have only to look to your own increasing awarenesses and feelings about what you are capable of to know this to be true.

There are also those of your planet meeting on a very high level with those of the Ashtar Command who are assisting in the birth of NESARA as a way of life, and these meetings, in terms of scale and immediacy, have never been greater.

And so we encourage you to look up, not only into your outer skies, but inwardly in your view of your planet and your own well-being.

For this time of rebirth will not be thwarted—not due to any “rescue” scenario, which you do not require, but because you yourselves have decreed it to be so.

Namaste, friends! We are indeed with you, always.”


Copyright 2020, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post.

Thank you.


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